The Bible says that Jesus came not to be served, but to serve.

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The Sunday Experience teams facilitate the various aspects of in-person gatherings at Olive Branch, including everything from set up to first aid to parking and beyond, serving approximately 2-3 hours per scheduled service (including participating in the service itself).



Set Up & Teardown Teams

Assist in putting together and taking apart set up to ensure event excellence. This team requires grit, strength, and punctuality.

FIT Team

First Impression Team – ensures the first and lasting impressions of Olive Branch from street to seat. This role is for the friendly, kind, and welcoming volunteer.

Host Team

Creates a hospitable space inside auditorium to ensure that everyone has a seat, to guide guests to the restroom, and to facilitate offering collection. This role is perfect for an assertive but friendly rule follower.

Connection Center Team

Connection Central is the bridge between the Olive Branch family and next faithful step opportunities such as small groups, summer camps, and more. This role is perfect for a warm, detail oriented volunteer who wants to help others get plugged into the life of our church.

Volunteer Central Team

The Volunteer Central team welcomes, encourages, and resources the rest of the Sunday Experience teams each weekend. This role is perfect for a volunteer interested in hosting and championing other disciples who are giving their lives away on mission.

Security Team

Coming Soon!


The Olive Branch kids and youth team builds environments for our youngest disciples to grow into adults who love, live and share Christ for a lifetime. These roles serve approximately 2-3 hours per Sunday service. Signing up for this role requires completion of the Family Ministry application, a background check, an interview, and training.



KidzVenture Check-In

Greets and helps families check-in to KidzVenture as they arrive. 2xs per month for up to 45 minutes at the start of each service.

KidzVenture Teacher or Helper

Nursery, preschool, or elementary positions available. Typically serves 2xs per month.

KidzVenture Soundboard Tech

Soundboard tech for KidsVenture areas for first through fifth grade. Typically serves 2xs per month.


KidzVenture Hall Monitors

Safety is important! Hall monitors are for Kidz Block to ensure the children and teachers are safe. Typically serves 2xs per month.


Uniquely His Sidekick (KidzVenture)

Be a sidekick buddy to our heroes with special needs while participating in our kids’ programs.


Youth Leader

Directly involved in discipleship of youth through relational and service-oriented ministry. Typically serves for one season Sundays and/or Wednesdays.

Youth Small Group Leaders (Primary and Secondary)

Primary Leader: Discipleship of assigned group of students. Typically a one year commitment. Secondary Leader: Assist Small Group Primary in leading assigned small group of students. Typically a six month commitment.

Youth Event Volunteers

Volunteers who are willing to help for special youth events only or to help with carpooling for events.

Youth Cam Counselors

Volunteers who attend camp with student ministries. Responsible and discerning chaperones that guide students during camp and help them to engage with the biblical truths that are presented at camp.


We are changing our Live Streaming process in October! Roles vary between 2-8 hours per week, depending on the duty. Some of these roles can be presented as an internship for school.



Camera Operator

Helps set up our tripods, camera bodies, lenses, and other production equipment. Additionally, they physically operate our cameras and sometimes help move set pieces and lights. No previous experience necessary, we will help you!

Production Assistant or Editor

Services in a “catch-all” role that can range from anything from craft services to safety to assisting talent, making sure the cameras are operating smoothly, editing recorded material, etc.! They may support throughout the week or our Sunday services.

Set Decorator

Helps tell our stories through the preparation and decoration of our studio sets, including prop sourcing. Set Decorators need to have a good eye for interior design and ideally some experience doing set decoration. This role serves no more than 8-10 hours per month in studio.


Responsible for capturing still image photography of our sets, behind the scenes, events, story subjects, Sunday Services, and more. Photographers need to have basic experience with still image photography.

Sound Board Tech

Helps create an atmosphere where people can experience the presence of God. They set up and manage sound equipment to support the Gospel being presented on stage and around the campus. No experience required, but a background in production is helpful.

ProPresenter Tech

Provides support to our weekly Sunday services by setting up and operating our presentation devices (computer, projector, stage display, etc.). This role assists during worship rehearsal to prepare slides and sequences, and follow cues to manage slides during services.


We are always looking for more talent for our worship experience! We’d love to have you!



The Care Team works together to ensure that every member of the Olive Branch family is cared for in the midst of crisis, need or transition.
The Prayer Team members serve for 1-2 hours per week for at least three months at a time. Signing up to serve in this role includes an informal interview.



Prayer Team

Prayer Team members serve the Fellowship family by participating in weekly virtual prayer sessions and monthly Care Team gatherings. This role is best suited for someone who has a willingness to pray over the needs of the church and hold those prayer requests in confidence.

Local Outreach Responder

Local Outreach Responders receive and meet the immediate and urgent needs of the Fellowship family as assigned. Needs may include grocery pick-up, wildfire or natural disaster support, supply donations, etc. This role requires the desire and ability to respond to an array of needs as they arise. Give Help Responders are not expected to respond to every request, but rather to be on-call and to serve as they have availability.

James Project

James Project is a team of volunteers serving together in a large group for bi-monthly events. We typically need 30-60+ volunteers for each event. We appreciate it if you sign-up in advance, but drop-in volunteers are always welcome!

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