Have you heard of our Track Back?

We've created our "Track Back" guide to help show the service options available in order for you to decide the best option for your family.


Online Services: We’ve all been enjoying the online services for the past few months and this is still a great option for anyone who is high risk, immune-compromised or has other concerns that may prevent them from being around people at this time. View on Sundays at 9am & 11am at obcc.online.church or on demand at our YouTube channel.

Groups: When you’re ready to start getting together with people, invite a friend, group of friends, or your small group over to watch the online service together. Here are some helpful tips for meeting as a group.


Outdoor Venue: This is the next best thing to being inside the church building!  Every Sunday at 9am & 11am under the pergola you can participate in a livestream of the indoor service.  Our outdoor service allows you to see people’s faces and interact on a one-on-one level while still social distancing and keeping yourself and others safe.  RSVPs are not required for this service. If you’d prefer to stay in your car for the service, you can park near the pergola and tune your radio to FM 89.5
KidzVenture programs available for nursery to 5th grade.


Indoor Service: We have two services on Sunday at 9am & 11am. For these services, we have reduced the seating to allow for social distancing and ask that you wear a mask if you attend this service.

KidzVenture programs available for nursery to 5th grade and Jr High/High School meets at 11am at Youth Campus (7471 Rudell Road)

By attending the indoor service you are agreeing to the waiver that can be found here.  Remember, if you’re not feeling well please be sure to stay home and join us online.  We look forward to gathering with you and helping to keep everyone safe during these services!

Hard Launch: This will naturally be the next step down the road when restrictions can be lifted for our indoor services.