Small Group HOSTs

Small Group HOSTs

One of the key ingredients for any small group is having someone who is willing to start it and facilitate it each week. We like to refer to this person as the small group HOST. If you are a follower of Christ who has a heart for helping others connect and grow spiritually, then we encourage you to step out and start a group.

What is a small group HOST?
They are someone who is willing to do the following:
H eart for others
O pen up their home
S erve a snack
T ell others about the group
What are the requirements to be a HOST?

  • Have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ (preferably for two years or more)
  • A HOST must be a member of Olive Branch or commit to attending the Join the Family membership class within 90 days
  • Recognize the Bible as the authority for their lives
  • Preferably have been in a small group in the past
  • Have the time, emotional capacity, and moral discernment to lead a group

*If you have any current habitual struggles or moral issues (e.g., drugs, alcohol, cohabitation, etc.) that would bring shame on the name of Jesus Christ or on Olive Branch, or if you're facing a current serious marital struggle (e.g., infidelity, separation, divorce in process, etc.), then now may not be the time to start a group.

Do I need to be a “Bible Expert” to become a HOST?
Definitely not! The most important things that you need are a desire to serve the members of your group and to grow in your own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When you take this step of faith, through prayer, God’s Holy Spirit will give you what you need to be an effective HOST. Olive Branch has many video curriculums available for you to borrow that provide expert teaching to your small group. Your host responsibility is to facilitate the discussion around that teaching using the resources provided.
I’d like to be a HOST but should I wait until I have more experience?
If you have a willing heart, a DVD player, and a few open seats in your living room, you are ready to be a HOST! Olive Branch's small group materials are plug-and-play so that anyone of any level of experience can host a successful group. We'll also support you on this journey by connecting you with someone to help answer your questions and walk with you, as well as provide training opportunities and resources to equip you.
Who should I invite to my group?
The short answer is anyone! We recommend that you have at least three people to join you when you start a group, but those people could be another couple, a few coworkers, or just your closest friends.