Short-Term Trips


To expose members to spiritual and physical needs outside of our local community.


To provide training opportunities for those interested in long-term, cross-cultural ministry/missions.
To facilitate the efforts of like-minded ministries in reaching not-yet Christ-followers in other areas of the world.


Short-term Missions Trip
A trip (less than 3-months long) where someone is using a special skill to play a role in reaching the unreached or aiding a missionary in his or her work.

Discipleship Trip
A trip where, though ministry may take place, the emphasis is on the development of the person who is going and serving.


We strongly encourage our Olive Branch family to participate in these trips in order to grow in their passion as Christ-followers.

Summer 2019

For Summer 2019, we have a goal of sending teams to nations around the globe, including Latvia, Thailand, and Mexico. For those who prefer to serve locally, we will continue partnering with Royal Family Kids Camp to share the love of God with foster children. We will also be sending individuals to serve at the Joni and Friends Family Retreats, which help families dealing with disability. For more information on these summer service opportunities, contact our Outreach Pastor, Kevin Cain, at [email protected].


After our Indonesia team moves and is settled in Papua, we look forward to sending others from our family to encourage them, learn more about the people they will be working with, and aid them in special projects. We also look forward to sending more people from our church family to engage in long-term church planting among these people who so desperately need to hear the Gospel. For more information about these trips, how you can become involved, or if you are interested in planting churches in Indonesia with Olive Branch, please contact Kevin Cain at [email protected].

Ethnos Asia

Ethnos Asia Ministries is committed to strengthen and serve the Body of Christ in access-restricted nations in Asia. Olive Branch is strategically partnering with Ethnos Asia to minister specifically to Muslim people groups so that our love, understanding, and dedication to serve unreached Muslim people groups will grow. For more information, please contact Martin at [email protected].