Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees


Registration Fees

A non-refundable fee is due at the time of registration. This fee holds your child’s place on the roster and contributes to the cost of your child’s textbooks, insurance costs, A.C.S.I. fees, and assessment materials. It is not prorated during the year, as the costs are incurred whether your child attends for one month or an entire year. This fee also pays for the initial back-to-school supplies for your child. Registration Fee payment options are as follows:

Returning Students (prior to March 1)

  1. One (1) payment in-full in the amount of $275.00
  2. Four (4) equal payments of $69.00 starting February 1 and continuing through May 1. A missed payment may result in your child being dropped from the enrollment list.

New Students, Preschoolers, and Returning Students (enrolling after March 1)

  1. One (1) payment in-full in the amount of $350.00.



Financial Policy

Payment Options (Annual Tuition = $7,600.00)
In April you will be invited via email to begin your enrollment process for 2021/2022. At that time you will be directed to your payment options. Please be advised all payments will be ACH (automatic electronic payments from your bank account to OBCS via Automated Clearing House). All student activities and lunch payments will be available online as well.

Before & After School Care Options

Morning Daycare (6:30 – 8:20am) | Cost: $76.00/month

Afternoon Daycare (3:00 – 6:00pm) | Cost: $140.00/month

Full-time Daycare (morning & afternoon) | Cost: $190.00/month

Hourly Daycare | Cost: $5.00/hour