All of our curriculum is carefully selected to provide a challenging educational experience and is presented from a Christian worldview


In grades K-5 students go through a survey of the Bible from Genesis to Acts, learning what it means to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and how they can reflect God’s image in their relationships with one another and with creation. In 6th grade, students focus on the redemptive promise of God as it is revealed through the Old Testament and fulfilled in Jesus Christ.we use Summit Ministry’s “Building On The Rock” curriculum.


Students learn about God’s creation in physical, earth, and life science. Each grade builds upon the previous as students dig deeper to discover the design of God’s creation. Throughout, students conduct demonstrations and experiments, learning how to explore that design in a manner that glorifies God and how to use what they learn in a manner that benefits others. We use a biblically-based curriculum from BJU Press.


Students learn about God’s dealings with humanity through history, from creation through ancient civilizations, and up to modern United States history. Students learn about major historical figures and events in our past and how God is sovereignly working through those people and events for His great purpose. We us biblically-based curriculum from Veritas Press and BJU Press.


Beginning in the lower grades, students learn to read phonetically. They also learn how to write complete sentences and organized paragraphs. As they progress through their education, they transition to chapter books, learning to analyze what they read and interact with the characters and events of stories from a biblical perspective. They continue developing and applying their writing skills in papers, persuasive essays, and narrative stories. We use BJU Press curriculum and various chapter books.


Students are taught the fundamentals of writing, learning to analyze sentences for the parts of speech. Throughout the year, they develop their persuasive, expository, and narrative writing skills. We use Shurley English for our grammar curriculum.


We use a cyclical curriculum that develops computational and reasoning skills over time. Depth and complexity are increased as students progress through the curriculum. we use Saxon Math curriculum

In addition to these subjects, students also participate in physical education, Spanish, computer lab, and art.