Two Twos

Kevin Cain   -  

I just got off the phone with a friend. His wife is paranoid about this pandemic. She is scared to go anywhere. He didn’t know when we’d be able to get together as families.

By the way, they aren’t the only ones like this.  Many are worried—or even beyond worried. Anxious to the point of paranoia. My heart screams, “How do I help?” Since we’re not anywhere near the end of this pandemic and its limitations, I need to be creative if I really want to help.

If I care for my friends, I’ll pursue ways to love them. A quick google search brought some interesting ideas. I like what I read from a church in Iowa. I’ll just quote them here:

Practice the Two Two’s

  • Help Two: Think of two people or families who may need help, and contact them: “Is someone helping you? Is there anything you need? I’d love to help you.” See what they say and help them as you can. Be sure to check back in with them a few days later.
  • Encourage Two: Identify two other people to simply encourage: “I was thinking of you and prayed for you. I love you and appreciate you. Just wanted you to know.”

As we have encouraged Olive Branchers to get to know their eight closest neighbors, these two ideas should help. Be creative. Help those around you. People are hurting, and if you can help them in a tangible way, that is a great way to show Christ’s love.

The friends I mentioned at the beginning of this blog are friends that I can use the “Encourage Two” practice. We can’t connect, but I can call, email, or text notes of encouragement. I’m gonna do that. What will you do?


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