Simple Steps

Kevin Cain   -  

Just take simple steps, she told herself. How does an introvert get to know her neighbors? Small, simple steps.

A couple of years ago, after the series on loving our neighbors, Renee reached out and gave a card to her neighbor that she didn’t know, simply introducing herself and saying that she was praying for them. Later that week the neighbor saw Renee outside and stopped and said, “How did you know? My husband just died.” The card came at the right time and started a relationship.

In the middle of March, the quarantine was just starting and Renee took another opportunity to connect, specifically wanting to connect with those in need. This time she took post-it notes to 8-10 houses saying, “We’re here for you. Let us know how we can help.”  The neighbor she connected with previously went on Facebook and found Renee. Though her kids are bringing her food (she is very fearful and has not left home), she is widowed and lonely. She and Renee keep in touch regularly, mostly through interaction on Facebook.

Renee’s neighbor watched Olive Branch on Easter. She asked Renee for prayer two weeks ago when her nephew came down with COVID.  Renee prayed and sent prayer through Facebook. Her nephew is healed! Renee and her neighbor communicate frequently on Facebook now. By the way, she’s the only neighbor out of 10 who responded to the post-it notes, but praise the Lord for the response! Renee just took a simple step. Let me know what simple steps you’ve taken, and what God has done!


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