Providing Help

Kevin Cain   -  

As believers, we have great hope: We know Who is in control, we have a great Father who cares for us, and we have hope for the future. Furthermore, here’s some great news to a hurting world: The church has left the building!

Yes, it will be great when we can gather together again. But let’s focus less on what was lost and more on what has been gained. And much has been gained!

  • With our message of hope, most of us are more available.
  • Concerning our gatherings, we’ve gone from limited seating to unlimited!
  • Everyone can now get a front-row seat.

So now that the church has left the building, it’s even easier for people to attend. On top of that, it’s easier to invite people. Just send them a link to one of our viewing platforms:

Since your friends and neighbors have virtually no conflicts (no sports, no concerts, no family gatherings), invite them to a service. It’s good to send a little note like, “I really enjoy our services. I think you will too!” or, “I think you’ll find this helpful during this time.”

People are more open to hearing about spiritual things and more available than ever before. If we think about what has been gained during this time of quarantine, we’ll see the opportunities.  The church has left the building! Please do your neighbors a favor and let them know how available our services are.