Comfort Zones

Kevin Cain   -  

Most of us need some type of accountability and consistency. To be honest, since my gym closed for social distancing, my regimen for staying in shape is not what it was. There is no gym equipment or friends to help me with my goals. Are you having difficulty keeping up with your goals? During this time of quarantine, are you finding it even more difficult to do the things that you don’t enjoy doing—but need to be done?

Big changes in our schedules can throw off the structure that we have put in place to help us. In this time of quarantine, many of us are off-balance a bit. Working from home has caused some of us to lose focus on the important. What happens if we lose focus? Well, frankly, just some good ole undisciplined living. Yes, we still get some stuff done. But the things we don’t like doing? Not so much.

Reaching out to others can be difficult, awkward, and sometimes uncomfortable. Do you find yourself just seeking your own comfort even more so during these times?  I was challenged by Linda in our small group.  Here is what she shared:

I went to Stater Bros, and at checkout I did the usual “How are you doing?” with the clerk. Her reply was a VERY unconvincing, “I’m blessed, thank you.” She looked so sad.

I asked if there was anything I could pray for for her, and she really unloaded while she was checking me out. There were lots of people behind me in line; otherwise I would have prayed right there.

So many hurting people. When I got to the car I broke down in tears 😔… Had a long talk with God so feeling better.

I’m so thrilled that Linda stepped out of her comfort zone to connect with someone. She realized that the clerk’s response wasn’t convincing, so Linda stepped out even further. A simple “How can I pray for you?” can go a long way.  It may not always feel comfortable, but no one has ever been upset with me for asking that question.

Though we’re missing some structure in our lives right now, don’t let it keep you from doing what is important—even if it’s hard. Linda stepped out to be a blessing. Let me know how it goes for you.