Asking for Help

Kevin Cain   -  

I hate pestering my neighbors. Let’s face it: it can sometimes be awkward to invite them to a church service or small group, though I know it would bless them. There’s just something about personal space that, rightly or wrongly, affects me. I don’t want to barge in on theirs.

However, my neighbors LOVE to help! When I ask for help, they really enjoy pitching in. Olive Branch is providing you an opportunity to connect with your neighbors and ask them to help! On Saturday morning, May 16, from 9am-11am, we’re collecting food at Olive Branch for the Corona Norco Settlement House. This organization serves low-income families in our area, and they desperately need more goods at this time.

Food Drive Details Here

Let your neighbors know! Send a text, make a phone call, send a card—but connect! Though some of our neighbors are hurting, connecting with them gives you a chance to find out how they’re doing. If they lost their job or are unable to give for any reason, let the other neighbors know! What a great time to bless people by getting them involved in helping others and finding out about their needs.

Though the non-perishable list is on the church website and on the app, the greatest priority is on cereal, peanut butter, rice, and beans (cans or bags). Just one or two items from each neighbor can go a long way in 1) meeting a need in our community and 2) connecting you with your neighbors in a way that brings them together.

Your neighbors want to help! Let them know what Olive Branch is doing, and watch them get excited! Take a step out of your comfort zone to be a light of hope for them—and then let us know what happens. I’m looking forward to some positive reports from this endeavor, and we’ll let you know the total of what is gathered so you can share it with them. God has blessed us so that we can bless others. And we can bless others by asking for help!


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