Proactive Connecting

Kevin Cain   -  

Our world is full of fear.  Many of those around us are scared.  We need to let our neighbors know that we are there for them, and we need to provide hope. For those of us who are believers, we have great hope in knowing there is a Heavenly Father who cares deeply for us, and wants to continue a relationship with us.

Throughout this time, we need to persevere in caring for those around us. We have hope! We are lights in a dark world. Though are uncertain of many things, we are not cowering in fear.

I’m already hearing of Olive Branchers reaching out to neighbors in the last few weeks:

  • One person went and knocked on the door of his neighbors, praying for them.
  • One couple just sent personal notes to neighbors and hung them on the doorknob.
  • One couple is caring for a neighbor in hospice, going to the store for her and loving on her as much as they can during these difficult times.

However, with the changing guidelines, we need to change how we reach out:

  • Make phone calls: Reach out to at least two different people per day.
  • Send emails and texts: Share how God is providing hope
  • Encourage those around you to view Olive Branch online ( Many are searching now, and there are some great opportunities for you to provide hope.

What has been your experience?  It’s time to be creative. Remember to lift your neighbors up in prayer! As I quoted previously, “In the worst of times, Christians should be at their best.” Let’s take this hope into a fearful world!


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