Judge not…! The Relationship Between Faith And Healing

Greg Harris   -  

Growing up outside of the church I can tell you it was the most quoted Bible verse I ever heard. People used it to escape the eye of anyone ready to tell them what they were up to was wrong.

Yes, Jesus did say it. It is recorded in Matthew 7:1-2. In it he says to not judge someone’s heart or the way the same judgment will come back on you.

I’m thinking of my frustration in traffic right now… Ouch!

Strangely there is a phenomenon in the church where this verse seems to be forgotten. And it happens after we’ve prayed for someone’s healing and the prayer isn’t answered.

The person being prayed for is then told…

“You don’t have enough faith.”

Say what?

Did I miss the seminary class where they gave out the “faith-o-meters”?

As far as I can tell, you can’t tell where another person’s faith is at or not. We may see fruit in their character and relationship with Jesus, but not how much trust in God they have.

Besides how much does healing have to do with the person’s faith or lack of it?

There are lots of times Jesus heals people or helps people in spite of their lack of faith.

For example, after Jesus’ transfiguration, he found his disciples fumbling around unable to cast out a demon in a little boy. When Jesus inquired on the problem, the father stated his lack of faith. After Jesus rebukes his lack and this distraught dad responds with, “I have faith, help my lack of faith” (Mark 9:24).  It is then that Jesus frees the boy.

Another example occurs in Bethsaida. A house is jam packed with people interested in hearing Jesus. Some good friends grab their paralyzed friend, dig a hole in the roof and lower him down. Nowhere in the texts does it say the paralytic has faith, but it says that Jesus, “… seeing their faith…” acts on it (Mark 2:5). Most believe Jesus sees the four men’s faith and then acts!

Many times Jesus heals no matter where our faith is at!

So, if your faith has been judged like this, let me apologize for the spiritual abuse you’ve faced.

It’s real. Seek Jesus to walk you through it. He knows how, he went through a lot of spiritual abuse in his life too.

If we’ve said this, I have a feeling there are lots of reasons behind the comment, and most connect with pride. To those of you who’ve said it, stop saying that and ask Jesus to forgive you for judging.

For Jesus said, judge not lest you be judged.